The largest owned database in email marketing for Spanish and Portuguese audience, with over 50 million active users classified by demographic data and areas of interest.

Knowledge of the media and email marketing ecosystem. Agreements with the major databases when managing a third hearing. In this way we strengthen our ability and we can reach an audience up to 150 million people.

Specialized solutions in different models of online advertising. We have the ability to carry your products and your brand to the inboxes in Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

We know our audience perfectly. When signing in, our users voluntarily provide us with your relevant sociodemographic data: age, sex, place of residence, occupation, education level, areas of interest, etc ... all of this information, enriched by data mining and tracking processes, enables us to select the best recipients for each campaign, sending advertisement related to the users that have showed more interest in similar products. In this way we improve the relevance of our sendings and bring more value to both our users and our advertisers.

We create content that engage and build users loyalty.

Specialized solutions in different models of online advertising.

“We take your product to our users inbox”

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