We handle the whole process of email marketing campaigns, with solutions in hand in order to achieve the desired goals (credit applications, training, procurement of mobile customers).

We use our technology and all the specific know-how in this business for maximum results for our advertisers in such a specific and complex email marketing world. With payment by results and no risk for the advertiser.

With a proprietary database of over 50 million users, and agreements with major media channels, we have a tremendous insight into the Internet users/audience in Spanish and Portuguese.


We send your campaigns to our own database, aiming to a target audience/user, based on both socio-demographic parameters (sex, age, place of residence, occupation, etc ...) areas of interest and history of behavior based on our users database.

This knowledge of the audience plus our exquisite and hygiene management of the database, allows us to achieve audiometric results greater than any other player channel.

We provide complete and detailed reports of the results from submitted campaigns: shipments and rebounding report, disaggregated charts by age and region of opening, clicks and unsubscribed. Detailed urls clicks, ... etc.

“We take your product to our users inbox”

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